Conference Papers

Fostering Integrity in Public Service
by Alan Bojorquez (Certified Public Manager (CPM) Conference 2017)

Ethical Requirements for Officers and Employees of Local Entities
by Scott Bounds (2015)

Ethical Dilemmas Under the Open Meetings Act
by Thomas A. Gwosdz (TCAA 2015)

Ethical Dilemmas with Advising City Officials
by Slater Elza, Matt Wade, and Audie Sciumato (TCAA 2014)

Ethical Responsibilities During an Emergency
by Stefanie Albright (TCAA 2013)

Ethical Challenges of Representing Organizations
by Ross Fischer (IMLA 2012)

When the Mayor Lies
by Alan Bojorquez (TCAA 2008)

Blinded by the Light
by Alan Bojorquez (State Bar of Texas 2008)

Beyond the Smell Test
by Ross Fischer & Alan Bojorquez (TML 2007)

It Just Ain’t Right: Ethics Ordinances & Other Restraints on Conduct
by Alan Bojorquez (TCAA 1999)

Ethics and the Proactive Prosecutor
by Elizabeth Kaylor