Texas Ethics Commission
On November 5, 1991, Texas voters approved an amendment that added a new provision, Article III, Section 24a, to the Texas Constitution. The constitutional amendment created the Texas Ethics Commission. The Texas Constitution provides that the Texas Ethics Commission may recommend the salary of members of the Legislature, the Lieutenant Governor, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, subject to approval by the voters at the subsequent general election for state and county officers. Also, the Commission must set the per diem of members of the Legislature and of the Lieutenant Governor. The Legislature is to determine the other powers and duties of the Commission.

Texas Department of Public Safety- Public Corruption Unit
The 81st session of the Texas Legislature passed HB2086; this bill created the Public Corruption Unit within the Texas Department of Public Safety, under the responsibility of the Texas Ranger Division. The Texas Rangers are committed to fighting public corruption, as it relates to public officials, law enforcement officers, and others that hold a position of public trust. Fighting corruption is vital to preserving our democracy, protecting our borders, and securing our communities.

Travis County District Attorney’s Office – Public Integrity Unit
The Public Integrity Unit is a state-funded division of the Travis County District Attorney’s Office. It investigates public corruption, insurance fraud, and motor fuels tax fraud.